My bae is a big sports fan. I bought him two tickets for an Eagles game for his birthday. He was very happy and told me he was going to take his friend to the game. I thought he would take me. I am hurt. Should I say anything?

Steve: If you are a big sports fan who wants to go to the game, yes. Say something, but make it more of a hint. If you are not a big sports fan, maybe he knows that and figures you wouldn't enjoy the game.

Mia: Agree with Steve here. This is not a big ask, especially because it's a hobby you can do together. He might just think you don't want to go and will be pleasantly surprised that you too bleed green.

My wife is a massive Eagles fan to the point where it affects our bedroom activities. She gets turned on  when they win (last year was GREAT), and won't even think of touching me if they lose. Is this normal?

Mia: Wow, that's a pretty hardcore fan right there. Are you sure it's the team that's fueling her lust? Or is she just using that as an excuse because you'll believe it? If her bedroom habits are really affected by the Eagles' record, I pray for your sake that it's a good season.

Steve: Well, let's see. I guess this means if they lose it gives her a headache, and… You can get some voodoo stuff at Harry's, 1210 South Street. Put a hex on the opponents.