20 mouthwatering ham recipes for everyday meals


Whenham comes to mind, we tend to think about a large ham cooking for hours on end for a holiday – Easter or Christmas usually comes to mind. However, it doesn’t have to be an all day cooking excursion to be able to enjoy ham many different ways – it’s economical, versatile and freezes well.

There are several different cuts and varieties of ham:

A whole bone in ham – This is your “holiday ham”, and usually weighs anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds. This is a raw ham that you can cook however you want at home, but you can also buy these smoked or cured.

Center slice ham – This is a typically a thick cut slice or “steak” – usually with bone in and found in the meat section in grocery stores, tight sealed and sometimes smoked.

Boneless quarter ham – This is a good purchase for immediate use. Usually smoked and sliced, this is a good option for sandwich making, chopping for casseroles, soups or just to snack on.

I’ve found you 20 delicious recipes that will make you rethink cooking with ham – Click on the “Launch” button to see them all!

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